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Welcome To The New Pilgrim’s Mass Website!

All four settings of the mass in this collection by Gordon Rock are entirely free to download and distribute, in the form of vocal (with guitar chords) and keyboard scores. Left click the icon below to view the music, to download right click and choose "save target as" or "save link as".

pilgrim_keyboard.pdf pilgrim_vocal.pdf

The only survivors from the original Pilgrims Mass (1971) are the Kyrie, Sanctus and Lamb of God, severely curtailed to meet the requirements of the 2011 translation. (The Gloria, Creed and Our Father were in verse).

Ideally the new Gloria should go at a cracking pace, (dotted minim=60, i.e. a bar a second), but with a congregation in tow you might have to settle for less. Playing the first three bars of the Our Father as an introduction will discourage inadvertent echoing of the third bar of the Gloria. At the end of Lamb of God some persuasion may be needed to get singers down to the C natural.

In all four of these settings the Great Amen can be used to follow the plainsong amen, or on its own, or not at all.

Is the original Pilgrim's Mass just a historical curiosity or does it still have something to offer in the 21st Century? If you need a copy in order to judge for yourself let us know via the contact page and we will send you one (by post).

The music can also be heard on You Tube, part of it recorded in 2014 by Kate Smith (soprano), a regular singer with Fiori Musicali and the rest by an ensemble conducted by the composer in 1995.